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Some of our merchandise is obtainable via upfront purchases, on which we can guarantee you profit margins through our sound figures. With our other vending services, you'll find that we offer extremely competitive returns through commission based rates.

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Saharas Nuts

Saharas Nuts are the perfect hot and tasty bar snack for a wide range of pubs, clubs and other businesses.


If you are interested in increasing the revenue of your establishment thanks to our profitable hot nuts then contact us today.

Digi Vend

With HD video and audio, remote connectivity and a wide range of customisable colours and styles to choose from, you can tailor the hi-tech Digi Vend vending machines to match the demands of your customers, so as to maximise sales. For more details, simply give us a call today.

Saharas Nuts Digi Vend

To help ensure that your business maximises its profits, Black Knight Associates Ltd supplies the Saharas Nuts dispensers for free.

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Black Knight Associates Ltd is based in South Wales and covers a wide area, from the Western coast of Wales, to the shores of Southern England. Contact us for further details.

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Fiberlan specialise in structured cabling. We will provide you with a reliable high speed infrastructure for your business or home.  


If you are interested in increasing the functionality and connectivity of your home or your business, contact us today.


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Saharas nuts and Digi Vend vending machines, and Fiberlan high speed cabling solutions

from Black Knight Associates Ltd